by Nishan Rayamajhee

How do I run it?

Well, it's running up above!

If you want to run a local copy, download the entire project from github.

Download the zip, extract, and just open up Player.html with your web browser.

This game is hosted at

How do I play it?

You play as a retired assasin who has to save himself and his home from invaders who are there to kill him.

The goal is to eliminate all enemies without dying.

Keyboard Controls:

A / LEFT arrow key
Move the player left
D / RIGHT arrow key
Move the player right
W / UP arrow key
F key
Freeze the gun scope.

Mouse Controls:

Move the gun around
RIGHT mouse click
LEFT mouse click

Note: You cannot shoot withought aiming first.

How do I win the game?

Slow and steady

Slowling moving ahead might give the player an edge when it comes to wining the game. Enenmies have a range from where they can shoot. This can be exploted to win the game slowly and steadily.

You can also use the freeze gun feature to lock the target to an enemy and shoot at will. Just press F key to enable it. The scope will turn blue if it is enabled.


If you hold down both the LEFT & RIGHT mouse buttons or the SHIFT & SPACE keys, the player will repeatedly shoot.

You can then move the mouse to hover over the enemies and kill them.

Moving back and forth will help in dodging enemy fires.

How did you make it?

The entire game was wirtten in HTML5 and javascript. The game is drawn using the canvas API.

The player, floor, and the sky is drawn calling canvas context in javascipt. However, all the sprites have been compositioned, and painted using GIMP.

I used the following textures and sounds



Mozilla's MDN is a good place to learn about various web APIs for Game Developement.

Coding Train, and Coding Math are two resourceful Youtube channels for learning how to program interactive object in javascript.